Friday, 23 February 2018

Have the Courage to Stop Pursuing What's Not Working

Many of us on several occasions heard the adage "people who never win, and the winner never stops" and others similar. The persistence place in self-improvement messages is well-grounded and closely guarded.

True, if one really wants to succeed in any task, one must be willing to obey it when the inevitable hurdle begins to emerge. You can not go through life that touches everything and pulls your hand once you start to face challenges. It goes without saying that those who accomplish much in their business are the ones who do not give up even when faced with the lack of early success.

So perseverance is good. But does that mean we have to remain stubbornly stern even when all the signs show that the probability of our success even in the distant future almost goes down to zero? I do not think so.

Unfortunately, this is what many of us are working hard every day to change our lives, our business and our relationships go on. We find it hard to stop pursuing a dream that is nothing but piping.

Although we may hide behind the old persistence spell and use it to justify our actions, there are often other factors that make us incapable of ditching anything that does not work in our lives.

In my personal experience I have found that a strong emotional attachment to a very profitable business, the most beloved, or a truly beautiful relationship can be one thing that prevents a person from reducing their losses, throwing away the whole show and moving in different directions . .

But there is a more sinister factor - fear.

Fears ridiculed or called failure or rage are actually responsible for many instances of people who refuse to let go of personal projects destined to take different routes.

Whatever the cause, one thing is certain. When you get to a point when it's really clear that, the struggling pet project can never come back, you'll find out, somehow. Your intuition will continually shine on the red light.

That's when you have to stop pretending that everything is going to be all right. Because you know in your heart that it will not happen, no matter what you do. His desires were lost, his losses increased and the whole atmosphere was filled with fatigue.

Gather the courage to say good-bye to the ruined business. Be realistic, for once. Take a step away from a relationship that only drains your mental, physical and emotional.

A pragmatic attitude quickly will help you stop chasing wild goose. For all you know, all around you are the people who sympathize with your situation and pray that you dare to say stop. Instead of laughing at you, they are excited to praise your courageous and wise decisions to let go.

Once you can get rid of what has failed, you will see a clear path to see new possibilities with amazing prospects on the horizon.

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