Sunday, 18 February 2018

Expect, Look, Meet, Overcome the Test

Life is full of exams. The harder we try, the more we feel under the pump. Of course there is a spiritual dimension.

The test is a part of life. But what do I mean by the test? The times we are pushed into and even beyond our limits - this is a test. But more than that. We also know the times when we avoid danger and walk away when a landmine of a metaphor explodes, the shrapnel just misses us because the objects are outside.

The test is what is tempting - to an inappropriate emotional response like open sins (as if an improper emotional response is not a real sin). The test is also what we would call pressure. And, with all its distractions and competitiveness, the world is now just like the pressure stove as before.

Expect Test

Hope is a strange thing. Expect privilege, respect, praise, and to keep things going well, and we are very disappointed almost every time. However, expect difficulties and we find that's the path to peace.

Expect to be tested - every day - and many days you will experience happiness. Most importantly, in expecting to be tested we are better prepared for them. Expect nothing less.

See Test

The gift of discernment is the gift of wisdom freely given by God if we ask for it. If we ask and search, we will find it. Seeing the test is about distinguishing the real threat from scratch. It is self-knowledge that affirms how the enemy of God will seek to test us.

The test of others will not affect us. The enemy of God knows what pushes our buttons; where our pride is, what makes us jealous, what makes us angry, and what causes us to oppose God, etc. But we know, with God on our side, we can see this test and meet him.

Meet the exam

Okay, rubber touched the road. The test is here Selected for us, appointing us, at the beginning, where, when and how we are most vulnerable; that's where it is Why? Because, we probably will not initially, and maybe years, even decades ... but, we can handle it. We can expect, see, meet, and resolve tests tailored just for us.

Why did God let His enemy test us? For the development of our character. Because He loves us, and He who created us in His image, strives to perfect us. He believes that we can overcome and He gives us His power of dominion as we use His wisdom.

Overcome the exam

The key to overcoming the test - other than expecting them, seeing them, and meeting them right - is the purity and innocence that does not hate them. God wants us to grow up. The sign He seeks in our maturity is the unshakable personality we have as we joyfully want to please Him.

Expecting testing, seeing it as it approaches, ready to handle it, standing in the middle of the pressure - takes courage to be humble. It takes more self-control than action, it's often inaction (but not always) when we get off the test track. Addressing tests intrinsically and intensively in the spiritual orientation.

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