Wednesday, 21 February 2018

3 Reasons You Should Stop Considering Yourself Losers

Life has a way of putting us in a very disturbing situation that can make us feel totally useless. The situation gets worse as other people are close to us and the opinions of who we value start to tell us how the failure they think has happened.

Therefore, a common phenomenon for hearing people succumb to severe depression or committing suicide when they can not recall their desperate state anymore.

Well, I'm here to tell you that nothing is useless; even you do not I may not know anything about your specific condition but one thing I know and I am sure is that no one in this life is a lifelong loser.

Here are three reasons why you should stop seeing yourself as a loser and prepare for the extraordinary and impacting life that lies ahead of you.

1. Because it is not finished yet.

You're alive, are not you? That's the only reason you're reading this article. You are alive and you want to feel more alive, right? It is a wonderful thing to know about life. As long as we continue to live, it does not matter the size of our past mistakes, no matter what our old age is and no matter the volume of debt we owe, we still have a chance to make amends.

As Richard Branson of Virgin Enterprises puts it, chances are like a bus; there's always one more on the way. So do not ever give up. Stop calling yourself a loser because your next chance to do the magic you want is just around the corner.

2. Your score remains intact, no matter how you have been beaten.

Let's quickly take stock of some of the amazing personal assets you still have.

Your Brain
Your Feet
Your Eyes and ears
Your ability to move, in one way or another
Relationships and people who are
You love Health
Your Talent
Your personal and professional experience
Your academic qualifications or knowledge and skills

And the list goes on and on! You see? Do not you think apart from the challenges you experience as long as you still have more than you need to do other business to improve your situation? Honestly, I think so.

3. My final reason why I believe that you should stop thinking negatively about your personal worth is that such thoughts kill dreams and initiatives. It is always possible for someone to rise above their problems and make their lives better than they are now. However, this can only happen when you grow positive thoughts about yourself.

Believe in your ability and trust in your Creator to help you revive your life once more.

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