Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Why Some Students Need Counseling After Showing To Different Perspective?

It is not uncommon for a speaker to be disturbed when they speak at the university. When this happens, it may have little effect on what they have accomplished, or it could be much worse.

During this time, a person like this can wonder what is going on and they may start to wonder if their lives are threatened. They'll come to the university, and maybe that's prestigious, but it could be as if they've gone to a war zone.

Out of control

Some people make a sound when they try to talk, and also people who throw things away. They may even lose the ability to talk to the whole audience; That is if the equipment they use is destroyed.

It could be said that this is the kind of behavior that often happens in school playgrounds, but that does not mean it's acceptable. These people will be in the university; a place where people go to expand their minds.

Times have changed

Or rather, there are times when this is the reason why people go to places like this. Today, it is as if many universities - or many courses - serve a completely different purpose.

Instead someone can develop their mind and grow and develop, they will only have their minds full of propaganda. Either they learn something or not will be determined by whether it is incompatible with a particular ideology.

Intellectual abuse

A person like this will then pay money to be told what to think and not his way of thinking. This would not be different from someone who paid a religious leader to indoctrinate them.

While this is less likely, they will at least know what is happening; Though the same can not be said when someone at the university. People should give them the tools they need to grow, will do all they can to make sure they think that way.

One factor

The fact that more people go to university can be seen as one of the reasons why certain universities are out of control. Not only that, but people learn things there that they may not have learned in the past.

In other words, it's much easier for someone to get into a place like this, and then hopefully this will create a different environment. There is also another reason why it is argued why such behavior occurs.

Black and white

Many of these institutions tend to be left and this can mean that certain views will be considered acceptable and certain views will not. And, since certain views will be seen as the right view, there is no reason to oppose the point of view to be expressed.

Therefore, if a student has been 'educated' to see the world through a particular lens, and they must relate to someone who speaks about things that are contrary to what they now believe; it would be normal for them to see this person as an enemy. A person like this can talk about how important tolerant, when in fact; they will not know the meaning of the word.

External Support

They then will not have an open mind and a desire to have their views challenged; they will be more concerned about silencing people who see the world differently. It will then be as if they do not have the ability to use their brains to prove that someone is wrong, which is why they need to use violence.

Either someone like this will not accept the guidance they need to argue, or they're too emotional to not think rationally. If they are in a bad place emotionally, it might be better for them to put their education to one side and get the support they desperately need.

Take responsibility

Taking this approach will stop negative impact on people who really want to learn. Otherwise, they will abuse others, and this is no different from parents who torture their children because of their own inability to cope with their own pain.

However, if a speaker has views that are considered controversial, and this can only mean that what they say is supported by evidence, it can be seen as normal for a person to be negatively affected by what they hear. Someone even feels uncomfortable being so aware of the fact that certain speakers will speak at their university.

One solution

So, if someone is affected by what they have heard, regardless of whether they lose control of themselves during the event, they can be offered counseling. It may seem as though certain speaker's views have a negative effect on their mental and emotional health.

This can go a step further, and can be seen as a sign that certain views, views they disagree with, are bad for the students' mental and emotional health. Based on this, there is no reason to see why a student responds in a certain way; No, the only thing that needs to happen is ensuring that certain views are not disclosed on campus.

One Big Cover Up

It can then seem as if they are concerned with the mental and emotional health of a student, but this will not be the full truth. It may be appropriate to say that they use these students as a means to an end.

By having students respond in this way, they can silence people while looking pious in the process. This is then similar to how the government suddenly cornered with how people are treated in other countries, for giving them a reason to go in there and drop bombs, allowing them to release the assets of the country.


If a lecturer, for example, really cares about the mental and emotional health of a student, they will not support the view that this speaker has a negative effect on their well-being. What they will do is suggest that people like this get the right support, support that lets them handle different perspectives.

It is as if someone ends up in a bad way after hearing different angles, they will need more than counseling. Because of how mentally and emotionally they are unstable, they tend to bring trauma, and this means they need the help of a therapist or healer.

Ultimately, a university is a place where differences of views are divided and questioned; so if someone can not handle different angles and their views are questioned, should they really be there to start? What is clear is that these kind of people are not pawns to be used in political games; They are the ones who need the right mental and emotional help.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

My family is in denial

In 2012, I started reading books about child molestation, and the only time I read anything like this before was in 2009, when I read Susan Forward's Toxic Parents book. So, until now, I have mainly read books on self-development.

As far as I know, I just lack confidence, my emotions are often out of control, and do not really know what's going on with my life. Then it seems like I happen to be like this and I just need to increase my confidence.


However, I always question a lot of things and open up new information, so it is undeniable that I will arrive at this stage. Maybe I need to lay some foundations before I'm ready for what's really going on.

At the same time, I can see that my family is unhealthy and I am not always treated with respect and as if I have value. But when I realized this, it was not until I started reading a book about child molestation that it all fell.

Brick wall

Before I started reading these books, I often talked to my mother about what her childhood was like. This is generally a waste of time, though, because I rarely get very far away results.

Occasionally, he will discuss experiences that prove his early years were not very functional and, in others, he would say his childhood was fine. Also, his father (my grandfather) often talks about how his father calls him "good stuff forever", and he will also say how great he is.

It's Not Added

While this is happening, my mother often talks about how bad her father is. From what I heard about him and how my grandfather often behaved, I came to the conclusion that his father was a tyrant, and my mother also often behaved that way.

There are times when he is good and then there are times when he is very cold. I remember there were times when I did not do something and my grandfather said that my mother had to "throw her out".

It's all made sense

I understand that there is a reason why it is so difficult to contact my mother, and that she is far from her need to protect herself. Making the ideal version of his parents stop him from having to deal with his own pain and it stops him from connecting to the fears he experiences with his parents.

If he let go of all these illusions, he might have too much to handle. Yet even though he generally acts as if his childhood is perfect, there are so many signs that it is not so.


Of course, of course, how he treated my sister and me as we grew up, and my father often received verbal and emotional abuse. He is also very emotionally unstable and emotionally unstable.

His relationship with his parents is also full of drama, and it is clear that there is a lot of conflict between them. My mother is not interested in reality; He is too caught up in how he believes things.

Extreme Reactions

Also, his brother lives in Australia, and this is the place where he left early in his life. Now, this could be a place where he just wants to go; Again, perhaps he feels the need to go to the other side of the planet to escape all family dramas.

When a person can not handle their feelings, they can try to avoid their feelings by running away. How their feelings can be seen caused by others and away from the person, by cutting them from their lives, then can be a way for them to feel different - this is often described as an emotional piece.

Further evidence

What also supports him is that he also happens to end up with a bad woman while he is there. While my mother, grandparents and I will talk about how evil she is, I think this woman has a lot in common with my mother and grandmother.

It was then that he did not randomly end up with a woman like this; this is something destined to happen. One way to look at it is to say that she ends up with a woman who reminds her of the woman she wants to escape from, or rather, the woman who lives in it.

An option

I know that I have to face what's going on and keep going no matter how I feel. I tried to get my mom to open up and confess what happened, but gradually I saw that I wasted my time and energy.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

3 Easy Ways to Stop Wasting Your Time

Have you considered time as one of your most valuable assets? If not, then I urge you to start looking at the twenty-four hours available to you every day with different eyes and mindsets starting today and so on.

I guess you have heard such remarks about time as "time is money" and "time is life" among others. As simple as they hear, it's a powerful saying that highlights the potential of time to improve your situation or worsen it.

Time, if used efficiently, produces fantastic results for any company. Any organization or individual wishing to achieve their goals will always develop a schedule to ensure the optimal use of these resources.

On the other hand, the people or organizations that really waste their everyday existence never make any progress.

That's why you and I should always use our time efficiently.

Here are three simple ways you can start to develop a more productive attitude towards your time so stop wasting days, weeks, months, years, and, in fact, your whole life on things that do not add anything positive to you as a person.

1. Start what you want to do right away.

Stop giving more excuses. Stop a delay Rejecting to let an unknown fear paralyze you. Just take action and everything else will take care of itself. If you are a writer like me, you will find that it always tempts us to delay writing what we need to write immediately. It happens to me sometimes with regard to my activities on this platform.

The only miracle that has worked for me just sitting and writing is not a matter of reason or fear that I might like. This has worked for me so it can work for you too.

2. Get the schedule and obey.

Believe me, if you follow your schedule as much as you can, you will begin to witness a huge increase in your productivity level, regardless of your line of business.

3. Dump friendship that makes you waste your time with reckless.

Some friends like that. They add almost no day to you. If anything, they would rather take so much. Are you friends with people who enjoy spending time in a drink? Does your friend love to play more games than go to work?

Frankly, this kind of friendship will only ruin your life or make you stagnate when you see other people around you progressing. Run for friendship and save your time and your life.

Time is really a valuable asset but free. This is the only asset available in the same size for special people and less fortunate people. If you use it well, it will help you move forward in life.

Saturday, 24 February 2018

2 Ways of Life in the Past Can Get You Squashed in Today

Have you ever hoped it would happen as it once happened at a time? Are you used to spending most of your day regretting your mistakes and failures for months or years gone by? You are not alone if your answer is yes.

Millions of people around the world find themselves in your situation. I must admit that almost everyone of us, myself included, will at one time or another, find ourselves trapped in this self-defeating habit.

Yes, a constant nostalgic state or remorse about what happened right or wrong in the past is like a trap. It can get you stuck in the present moment in such a way that you really do not move, both mentally and physically. And you and I know that when we can not use our mind and body to do what needs to be done is when we start experiencing shortcomings and slow down personal progress.

Let me show you two ways in which your inability to let go of the past undermines your desire to see improvement in your circumstances - be it career advancement, personal relationships or educational aspirations.

1. Hoping for the return of a good old day will only keep you stuck for the rest of your life.

The basic truth is that the good old days are good only if they are good. If the same conditions ten years ago will return to you today, you will soon realize how incompetent the present situation is.

One reason is that humans and the world we live in are changing for both the bad and the better. Our tastes, desires, technologies, and worldviews have shifted. So should you.

You do not want to look like a parent or feel like you're still where you've been. That's why you need to wake up the current reality and take advantage of all the positive things it offers.

Stop letting the shiny little things of the past hinder your view of the wonderful possibilities of the present and the future.

2. Your constant regret about what went wrong in the past has never been an enabler.

The constant feeling of regret makes you unable to move forward with your life. Continuous concerns cause health problems like stress and depression. This is the main cause of your current inability to think straight, plan and implement your life purpose effectively.

The only way to start making yourself capable of restoring your life is to choose and use a useful lesson from your past mistakes and failures and for the last time, get rid of bitter memories.

Like good old days, believe me, they will not feel that easy anymore if they come back today because a lot has changed. So be grateful for what life is today to you and be proud of what you achieved in the past. That is enough. That's how to get ahead.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Have the Courage to Stop Pursuing What's Not Working

Many of us on several occasions heard the adage "people who never win, and the winner never stops" and others similar. The persistence place in self-improvement messages is well-grounded and closely guarded.

True, if one really wants to succeed in any task, one must be willing to obey it when the inevitable hurdle begins to emerge. You can not go through life that touches everything and pulls your hand once you start to face challenges. It goes without saying that those who accomplish much in their business are the ones who do not give up even when faced with the lack of early success.

So perseverance is good. But does that mean we have to remain stubbornly stern even when all the signs show that the probability of our success even in the distant future almost goes down to zero? I do not think so.

Unfortunately, this is what many of us are working hard every day to change our lives, our business and our relationships go on. We find it hard to stop pursuing a dream that is nothing but piping.

Although we may hide behind the old persistence spell and use it to justify our actions, there are often other factors that make us incapable of ditching anything that does not work in our lives.

In my personal experience I have found that a strong emotional attachment to a very profitable business, the most beloved, or a truly beautiful relationship can be one thing that prevents a person from reducing their losses, throwing away the whole show and moving in different directions . .

But there is a more sinister factor - fear.

Fears ridiculed or called failure or rage are actually responsible for many instances of people who refuse to let go of personal projects destined to take different routes.

Whatever the cause, one thing is certain. When you get to a point when it's really clear that, the struggling pet project can never come back, you'll find out, somehow. Your intuition will continually shine on the red light.

That's when you have to stop pretending that everything is going to be all right. Because you know in your heart that it will not happen, no matter what you do. His desires were lost, his losses increased and the whole atmosphere was filled with fatigue.

Gather the courage to say good-bye to the ruined business. Be realistic, for once. Take a step away from a relationship that only drains your mental, physical and emotional.

A pragmatic attitude quickly will help you stop chasing wild goose. For all you know, all around you are the people who sympathize with your situation and pray that you dare to say stop. Instead of laughing at you, they are excited to praise your courageous and wise decisions to let go.

Once you can get rid of what has failed, you will see a clear path to see new possibilities with amazing prospects on the horizon.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

3 Reasons You Should Stop Considering Yourself Losers

Life has a way of putting us in a very disturbing situation that can make us feel totally useless. The situation gets worse as other people are close to us and the opinions of who we value start to tell us how the failure they think has happened.

Therefore, a common phenomenon for hearing people succumb to severe depression or committing suicide when they can not recall their desperate state anymore.

Well, I'm here to tell you that nothing is useless; even you do not I may not know anything about your specific condition but one thing I know and I am sure is that no one in this life is a lifelong loser.

Here are three reasons why you should stop seeing yourself as a loser and prepare for the extraordinary and impacting life that lies ahead of you.

1. Because it is not finished yet.

You're alive, are not you? That's the only reason you're reading this article. You are alive and you want to feel more alive, right? It is a wonderful thing to know about life. As long as we continue to live, it does not matter the size of our past mistakes, no matter what our old age is and no matter the volume of debt we owe, we still have a chance to make amends.

As Richard Branson of Virgin Enterprises puts it, chances are like a bus; there's always one more on the way. So do not ever give up. Stop calling yourself a loser because your next chance to do the magic you want is just around the corner.

2. Your score remains intact, no matter how you have been beaten.

Let's quickly take stock of some of the amazing personal assets you still have.

Your Brain
Your Feet
Your Eyes and ears
Your ability to move, in one way or another
Relationships and people who are
You love Health
Your Talent
Your personal and professional experience
Your academic qualifications or knowledge and skills

And the list goes on and on! You see? Do not you think apart from the challenges you experience as long as you still have more than you need to do other business to improve your situation? Honestly, I think so.

3. My final reason why I believe that you should stop thinking negatively about your personal worth is that such thoughts kill dreams and initiatives. It is always possible for someone to rise above their problems and make their lives better than they are now. However, this can only happen when you grow positive thoughts about yourself.

Believe in your ability and trust in your Creator to help you revive your life once more.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Tired of the Old Way? Here are Four Ways to Reinvent Yourself Right Now

Our daily lives revolve around our personal habits. It is this habit that determines the direction of our life later. You will sometimes see others headed in the direction you envy. This could imply that you are doing well but hope to do it better or you do not seem to make progress with the habits you choose.

In order for you to get more out of life, there is one fundamental change that needs to be done - rediscover yourself. Start forming and implementing more productive ways. Take action and let yourself move in an entirely new direction or just tweak your old little ways. Be a new person You will be surprised by the positive results that will result.

Here are four aspects of your personal life that may require a quick makeover so you can start getting the things you want out of life. Remember, no one will do this rediscovery for you. You have to take personal responsibility because only you know how much you want a more fulfilling and fulfilling life.

1. Do a mindset makeover.

What I mean is this: Decide to become a more positive individual. Look boldly your belief system and your prejudices. Why do not you remove the ones that have not helped you so far? Chances are you need to be more open-minded so you can allow new ideas that can help you move forward into your life.

2. Learn new things.

If this asks you to go back to school, do it. Going back to school these days does not mean limiting itself to the four walls of brick and mortar classrooms. It is now possible to learn a lot online, sometimes at no cost at all. You can also collect hardcopy books or eBooks and learn new things to help you improve yourself or your career.

3. Try other techniques.

One of the factors responsible for many failed lives is the refusal to abandon the old ways of applying newer and more progressive methods. Your conservatism or your stubborn attachment to traditional methods can be your enemy at this stage in your life, for everything you know. Have you embraced new technology that swept across the world? Or are you still trapped in the old practice mud to preserve tradition?

To get better results, we all need to do things in a better way. There are no two ways for it.

4. Take the garbage out of your life.

A certain friendship or relationship may bore you. Reevaluate your associates and release that has made your life or business grow from good to bad or bad to worse.

Why do not you apply a simple lifestyle by removing items that do not add true happiness to your whole existence? Pursuing your passions is more meaningful. Refusing to let love of material things get you stuck in an unsatisfactory career. I strongly believe that if we search for meaning in simple things in life, we will find meaning and happiness.

The basic goal for all human hard work is to achieve what will ultimately bring us happiness. Therefore, it is important that your actions produce what you want. If you do not see the results you want, then it is clear that your path is not working and needs to be changed. I encourage you to look at yourself long and hard and start rediscovering yourself from today.